Why Students Love Studying in Montreal

April 14, 2015

A love affair with Montreal

If you were to interview a room full of post-grad students, it’s likely that you’ll find more than a few who chose to take their studies here in Montreal. And it’s just as likely that they will rave about their experience to you. With several world-renowned universities, technical schools and colleges (serving students in both French and English), as well as CGEP’s; Montreal is an excellent city for students – for many reasons. If you’re considering studying in Montreal, read on to find out a few of the top reasons to come here.

Affordable accommodation Montreal

One great thing you’ll discover about Montreal is the abundance of affordable accommodation available for students coming to study in the city. While it’s true that the areas directly surrounding your school of choice will often be packed with student housing options, remember that Montreal has an excellent Metro/Bus system, which gives you quick access to outlying areas. The STM also has great options for student fares, so keep this in mind when choosing your housing.

One option worth noting are the affordable hotels in Montreal that provide suites and rooms with kitchenettes. These can be the perfect solution for a busy student looking for an affordable downtown location. From budget hotels with kitchenettes to student-only housing options, you’ll be certain to find affordable Montreal accommodation that fits your needs.

Vibrant student culture

Another huge reason Montreal is a great place to study is the student culture that is very evident in everyday Montreal. There is a very hip and trendy vibe that is largely present due to our student population. Hipster or not, you’ll love the camaraderie of our student culture. You’ll also find an entire city of friends to study, party and hang out with. There are also plenty of student clubs and associations geared to different interests and passions; you’ll have lots of great things to do!

Perks for Montreal students

From downtown to the Plateau, you’ll find a variety of shops, restos, pubs and cafes that cater directly to students. From lunch and breakfast specials to student discounts on merchandise, you’ll have access to plenty of perks offered just to our students. Keep in mind that there are also plenty of jobs available for students as well, since many businesses understand the needs and demands of full or part time students.

International flair

Montreal is known as North America’s European city. You’ll immediately find out why upon arriving here. If you are an international student, or just love that cultural flair found in big international cities, Montreal will live up to your expectations. As a very liberal and welcoming city, all walks of life are welcomed here and you’ll find it easy to fit in and feel at home. Plus, since Montreal operates quite well in two languages (French and English) you’ll have lots of opportunities to brush up on your language skills. For students coming from French speaking countries, Montreal is a great option to consider if you’re looking for a place where you can easily function while advancing your education and experiencing another culture. As a native French speaker, you’ll have plenty of advantages when it comes to your everyday activities.


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