The Ultimate Guide to Using Herbs

August 21, 2017

Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a keen amateur, there's one ingredient that should never be overlooked when preparing your tasty meal. Herbs have been used for centuries to add flavour and a mouth-watering taste to food. In this article, discover the most beloved kinds of fresh herbs in the kitchen!

Which Herbs Will You Try Next?

From sage to mint, there is an abundance of fresh herbs you can use in your cooking to compliment the other flavours and bring out the best in your food.


This herb is probably one of the most popular and well known. It will add a beautiful, fresh aroma to your dish. It's also incredibly diverse as you can add it to meat such as lamb or be adventurous and make your own mojito.


Unlike most herbs, sage can be used at the beginning of your meal preparation. It has a slightly would like, or peppery flavour and is usually used for cooking sausages or even creamy dishes like ravioli.


Parsley is the perfect herb for a creamy pasta dish and is popular for palate cleansing and as a garnish. It's also great for mild recipes like soups and stews. There are two main types of parsley: flatleaf and curly. They are similar but flatleaf parsley is slightly stronger in flavour. They both have a slightly bitter but fresh taste.


Basil grows in the warmer climates of Asia and the Mediterranean. It's popular in Italian cooking and is the main ingredient in green pesto. Another famous dish it's used in is Thai green curry. There are a few varieties of basil that vary slightly in appearance and taste. Purple basil, for example, has a slightly spicy taste, whereas sweet basil is milder and more useful for pasta sauces.


Cilantro has numerous health benefits as it contains antioxidants and vitamins. It is commonly used in traditional Indian and South American recipes as it has a fresh, citrusy taste. The coriander plant needs to be cut first, try using a NGrava wood cutting board since they are durable, hygiene friendly and can be personalised. The cilantro leaves can then frozen or dried for further use.


Oregano is popular as a seasoning on pizza and is also used in Greek and Turkish dishes such as grilled meats. It can be used fresh or dried and varies in flavour from mild to aromatic and earthy.

Herbs add bursts of flavour, texture and aroma to any dish. They have health benefits and take no time at all to add to your recipe. Take it a step further and grow your own herbs, so you can add them to your cooking anytime you desire.

Moreover, the kitchen tools are indispensable for good cooking. Handling a quality knife on a wooden cutting board of NGrava is ideal for cutting your herbs. Purchase one from their online store!

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