Trendy “Bring Your Own Wine” Dining in Montreal

August 25, 2015

Wining and Dining in Montreal

For many visitors the idea of bringing your own beer or wine to a restaurant is appealing. When compared to other cities, Montreal’s bring your own wine (BYOW) scene is not only affordable, it’s quite popular. While many other cities charge “corking fees” you won’t tend to see that here – it just won’t fly with the locals. And I for one agree. Who want’s to pay extra to bring your wine along? Not me!

Finding BYOW Restaurants

While not all restaurants are on board with the BYOW idea, there are a good many in the city that have opened doors to the idea. If you’re staying in one of our hotels near Ste. Catherines Street, there are quite a few options available to you for BYOW dining. As for places to purchase alcohol, there is a SAQ location on 865 Rue Sainte-Catherine East, within walking distance of our affordable Montreal hotel. Once you have your favourite beer or wine, take a look through these BYOW restaurants:

Le Smoking Vallée. Open every evening from 6:00pm. 4370 Notre-Dame West in Montreal. Here you can bring your own wine while you sample some of their classy and delicious starters and main plates.

Tandem. 586 rue Villeray. This place is close to the Jarry Metro station, so it’s easy to access from our hotel UQAM Montreal. Seasonal French cuisine pairs nicely with many wine choices available at the SAQ. If you’re not sure what goes with what ask your server, they’re happy to help.

Le Square. 162 rue Prince Arthur East. A little corner of France in Montreal. Another fine choice if you’re interested in some true cuisine. You’ll discover a trendy and inviting atmosphere along with great food. Check it out and don’t forget to bring your favourite wine!

Le Quartier Général. 1251 rue Gilford. As a neighbourhood bistro, this place offers a relaxing vibe and a bright, open dining room that overlooks the kitchen. Their goal is to showcase our local farmers and rancher’s products without changing them too much. A unique and tasty dining experience.

Grenadine. 2004 Hotel-de-Ville Ave. An intimate setting in the heart of Montreal, paired with unique cuisine and ideas. You’ll enjoy contemporary cuisine that blends both French and Asian flavours. Bring your own wine along for a lovely evening.

Yuukai. 5658 Avenue Du Parc. Feeling like some Japanese fusion? This place has what you’re looking for! The staff are more than helpful, if you are new to sushi they’ll happily make suggestions. A tasty and unique option for your dinner date.


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