Traveller’s Tips To Save Cash When Dining in Montreal

November 11, 2014

For travellers, one of the biggest expenses can easily be food. There’s no way around it, you have to eat, everyday! So how do you fill your hunger gap, without emptying your entire travel budget on food? We have a few ideas, specific for visitors in Montreal.

Book A Montreal Suite Hotel

First recommendation we have is to book yourself an affordable hotel room near the downtown Montreal area. Make sure to find one that meets your needs without offering a lot of fluff you don’t need. Finding basic but quality accommodation is important for good budgeting. Also look for hotels that offer suites and kitchenettes. By booking a hotel suite with a kitchenette you open up the possibility of saving serious cash on your food budget. It’s also a lot of fun to try your hand cooking fresh local fare in your room. Keep in mind that choosing a downtown Montreal hotel suite gives you easy access to numerous affordable dining and food shopping options.

Budget And Plan

Ok, it doesn’t sound like much fun, but making up a reasonable budget and a meal plan can help you stay on track financially while on vacation or travelling. It’s so easy to end up buying tidbits here and there, all day long when you’re in a new place. If you have a hotel room with a kitchenette, be sure to make use of it! Plan to eat in for certain meals and head out for others. Since dining out for lunch is often cheaper than dinner, you could prepare your dinners at your hotel room while heading out for lunch.

Montreal’s Public Markets

Public markets are a great way to save money and find some delicious and unique foods. From everyday fare to rare and exotic ingredients, Montreal’s public markets have a wide array of choices available year-round. From seasonal fruits and veggies to fishmongers and butcher shops, you’ll find things to fill your shopping bags without trouble. Best part about shopping in the markets is proximity to your downtown Montreal hotel suite. It’s easy to get to several of the best markets from the downtown area:

  • Jean Talon Market, 7070 Henri-Julien Avenue.
  • Atwater Market, 138 Atwater Avenue.
  • Maisonneuve Market, 4445 Ontario East.
  • Metro Mont Royal, (seasonal market) intersection of Mont Royal and Berri St.

Research Local Eats And Eat Like A Student

Talk to the locals about where they eat. Chances are you’ll get some great ideas that cost way less than the tourist traps. Keep in mind that many cafes and restaurants located around colleges and universities often have great prices and specials, since many students are on limited budgets. Doing a bit of online research never hurts either, you can often find reviews and travel blogs offering all kinds of ideas and tips for local cash saving dining options.


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