Traveling With Children in Montreal

May 09, 2014

Discover Montreal!

Montreal is one of the world’s top travel destinations. Boasting numerous attractions, culture and cuisine; this is a place to discover! But Montreal is not just for the adults, there is so much here to enjoy for the whole family. If you’re planning on traveling with the kids, why not make it a success? A pain-free success! Whether you’re a local, or you’re visiting Montreal for the first time, there are definitely a few things to keep in-mind when you take the whole family along for a trip:

#1. Expect the Unexpected

No doubts about it; there’s bound to be a few changes to your schedule! But being reasonably prepared with the basics will make it easier to deal with them when they arise. Baby wipes, bottled water and kleenex! But, most of what you’ll need to deal with the unexpected is a flexible attitude and the ability to improvise. Don’t set your heart in stone for things to be a certain way, for the experience to unfold just as planned, or for everyone to be on cloud nine. Rule number one with family travels: Things will not go as planned!

#2. When in Doubt, Cut it Out

Children (especially those under 5) can only handle so much stimulation. Of course, there is no set level; it truly varies from child to child. But, you know your little one best, so make sure to watch for signs of over-stimulation. Most parents can spot the tyke who’s missed his naps and meals and is running on pure adrenaline and emotion. This little guy is not going to be able to appreciate your travels and will make anything you’re trying to do downright difficult. So make a point of having ample down-time for the little ones. If possible keep a reasonable napping policy intact and make sure to call it in if you see your child can’t cope.

#3. Family Friendly Fun

Let’s face it. Traveling with children is NOT like when you backpacked through Europe with your college friends! You will not always have the ability to act on every whim or go pub-hopping till the break of dawn! But family travel can be fun, and more satisfying than flying solo because you get the chance to watch your little ones experience new things for the first time. Look for family-oriented activities and attractions while mixing in some of the local culture as well. That way both kids and adults will enjoy the experience.

#4. Use Public Transit

Public transit is efficient and family-friendly. Not to mention their awesome Family Outings Plan. Under this plan, up to five children, 11 and under, can ride the  bus or Métro for free during certain periods! With paying adults of course.

#5. Sample the Local Cuisine

Forget a week-long binge on chicken nuggets! Find local places to eat where you can introduce something new and exciting to your child. There’s a balance here though, and don’t wait until your child is starving to head in to eat. You’ll likely have more success if your meals are frequent and low-key. If you’ve set a consistent pattern with your children at home, it’s far easier to take them out for some fine-dining. On the other hand, if you have a picky eater, travel meal-times can be a challenge. So if meals are generally a disaster, you may want to forego the gastronomic experience for now!

#6. Find home base

Most children flourish with a reasonably steady routine. Finding this while you're on vacation can make a big difference for your whole family. Look for a hotel that offers suite-style accommodation. That is, separate bedrooms (makes naps a breeze), kitchenettes and dining areas. Being able to prepare simple meals and snacks, as well as maintain the necessary down-time will make heading out on excursions simpler. Having a home-base makes it much easier for the adults too. Not wondering where you'll be sleeping or eating frees up your head-space for more adventures and makes it easy to actually enjoy your trip!


We hope our quick-tips will help you enjoy the best of Montreal together! Remember to choose a hotel that caters to family travelers and your budget! We offer standard rooms as well as family-friendly suites, including kitchenettes and dining areas. Don’t break the bank when you can stay for less in a cozy room with a great location.

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