Travel Light With Suitcase Packing Advice From The Pros

May 07, 2014

Overstuffed and Oversized?

Overpacking is something that you’ll learn to avoid with travel experience. Not only is it difficult to lug around heavy bags, it’s expensive! Not to mention that it leaves you no room to take home the travel treasures you’ll find. No matter if you’re visiting for a couple nights, or if you’re going for an extended stay; there is no need to bring bags and bags of gear. We’ve put together a few helpful tips to avoid that over-stuffed suitcase syndrome and have you traveling light. Read on!

Local Considerations

Before you even pull out your suitcase, take a few minutes to think about where you’re headed. If you’re not sure about the local seasons and climate, go online and do some research. Take a quick look at the weather forecast for your dates and if you’re really not sure, find a local travel agency or tourism organization to ask. You don’t want to arrive under or overdressed! Not only is it uncomfortable, it can be expensive when you have to buy appropriate gear and an extra suitcase to get back home!


Many people overlook this point and pack enough clothes to dress a small army. But, yes they exist! And in great numbers. So it is very possible, and very easy, to wash your clothes while traveling. If you take advantage of this you can easily half the number of clothes you’ll need to bring; especially if you have an eye for coordinating your outfits. This is especially important to keep in mind if you’re traveling with children. Here’s a quick list of some of Montreal’s laundromats.

Fold or Roll?

 Well, like most things in life, it’s a little of both! When packing your clothes, you’ll want to roll some and fold others. Folding actually uses more space, and rolling is not great for items prone to wrinkle; such as starched shirts. So for more wrinkle-resistant items such as knits, cottons, and wool; roll them up snugly (loose rolling will cause more wrinkles) to save space. Collared shirts and dressy garments should always be folded.


Step By Step Suitcase Packing Instructions:

There is actually a correct method to pack your suitcase. If you’d like to give it a try, here’s how it works:

  1. Open your suitcase and lay it flat on its back.
  2. Then, pack as many socks inside your shoes and place in the suitcase. Any remaining socks or underwear will be packed later.
  3. Next in are any heavier rolled items like jackets, jeans, sweaters etc. Make sure to pack them as snugly as possible.
  4. Now pack any fragile items that won’t travel with you in carry-on. Make sure they are snug and won’t slip to the bottom of the suitcase. You want them to stay in the centre of your bag.
  5. Now place any lighter-weight garments like t-shirts or blouses; rolled if possible.
  6. On top of that place any folded garments that you will take. As added wrinkle-protection you can put these clothes in a dry-cleaner bag before placing in your suitcase.
  7. Now it’s time to pack any remaining socks, belts, underwear or other small items. Use them to stabilize your suitcase by placing them in any cracks or gaps.
  8. Lastly, pack your toiletry bag in either the front pocket or the inside pocket. Remember that luggage can take some abuse in transit, so pack toiletries in plastic baggies inside your toiletry bag.


Voila! You’re ready to rock’n’roll! Make your stay one to remember and take home some goodies in that extra space you now have in your suitcase! Come back to our blog to find out what’s happening in Montreal and for more great travel advice.

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