Touring & Tasting Montreal’s Spectacular Italian Bakeries

November 11, 2015

Montreal’s Patisserie Scene

Montreal is home to many delightful surprises; affordable hotels, inspiring architecture, wonderful shops and mouthwatering bakeries.

The French certainly have their own flair when it comes to pastries. However, if you’re feeling for something sweet and a little more original, Montreal’s Little Italy may be home to your next true love, the sweet taste found solely in an Italian Bakery.

You can expect to find these Italian-inspired shops throughout Montreal, although the main strip on Jean-Talon, from Little Italy to St. Leonard is a great place to start.

Next time you want to savor a little piece of heaven, we consider beginning here:

Pasticceria Alati-Caserta

Located at 277 Dante St.; this bakery offers an incredibly charming atmosphere with a vintage appeal, not to mention incredibly delicious sweet specialties. Give their almond cake a try; it’s nutty, buttery and purely amazing!

Café Olimpico

Located at 124 St. Viateur. Looking for a great place for a nighttime coffee and dessert? This is a terrific option. With a fun and energetic ambiance, good coffee and a nice selection of Italian desserts, Café Olimpico is a must-visit in the Montreal region!

Patisserie Alati

Located at 5265 Jean Talon Est. Offering arguably the very best cannolis in Montreal, and possibly North America! People come from near and far in order to special order cannolis from Patisserie Alati.

Boulangerie Patisserie La Conca D’Oro

Located at 2549 Jean Talon Est. If it’s a cake you’re after, this is a stop you won’t want to miss! A great selection of other Italian specialty pastries can also be found at this wonderful bakery, pop-in and see for yourself!

Patisserie San Marco

Located at 1581 Jean Talon Est. This bakery has been in business for over 54 years. From the cannolis to the cookies, you’ll get more than a taste of true Italian baking. If you’re after a unique and beautiful cake, they also bake them up in simply stunning style. Be sure to try their amaretti!

Boulangerie & Charcuterie San Pietro

Located at 1950 Jean Talon Est. Boulangerie & Charcuterie San Pietro offer Sicilian inspired specialties. Come for their bread and filled breads, or something sweet like their lemon cookies or cannolis. Busy, popular and very Italian, you won’t be disappointed!

Taking a trip or an extended stay hotel to Montreal? From one of our affordable hotels you can easily visit many of these delectable bakeries, simply ask one of our knowledge clerks the best way to get there. Access the Metro station conveniently, just outside our hotels. Book with us today and save!

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