Top 5 Travel Destinations for 2015

January 13, 2015

Plan your 2015 travel now

Along with a brand new year comes the opportunity for exciting new adventures. With an entire world of incredible destinations to choose from, how do you decide on your next travel destination? We’ve put together our top five choices for travelling in 2015. Take a read and plan your next adventure!

Montreal, Canada

Known as North America’s most European city, Montreal is an exciting adventure waiting for you to discover. Not only does it have a cultural old-world side, it also has more than its share of trendy hot spots. A very liberal city, people from all over the world call this city home, making it a culturally diverse place. From families who have lived here for generations, to new arrivals making a fresh start, you’ll get to sample everything from the exotic to very Canadian. Entertainment, exceptional food for any scale of budget, history, culture, shopping, and of course; festivals! You’ll also find very affordable Montreal accommodations; everything from budget hotels in Montreal to extended stay hotels and hotel suites with kitchenettes.


Known for its rugged terrain, mystical legends and passionate people, Iceland’s fire and ice reputation is well earned. From mist shrouded coastlines and farmer’s fields to the rugged mountains hiding volcanic hot springs; this place is a total gem for discovery. You’ll uncover plenty of local folklore, flavours and pastimes, all along with the friendly and hospitable people who call Iceland home. Be sure to visit the cities and the rural areas, you’ll get a better taste for the area that way.


South America has been largely undiscovered in some respects. Many of its northern areas are well known, but regions to the south are somewhat less traveled. One place often overlooked by travelers, Colombia, is a traveler’s treasure trove. With recently improved airline services, stable government and up and coming luxury hotels, Columbia is a very intriguing choice for travel in 2015. You’ll find Caribbean-style coasts, the Amazon rainforest, heritage sites and bustling cities filled with exuberant inhabitants.

Argentinian Patagonia

Yes another South American destination! Even less visited than its northern neighbor, the Patagonia region is full of adventure. From Argentinian cowboys to luxury lodges, this terrain of glaciers, rolling high country, pristine lakes and rugged mountain peaks is a paradise to uncover. From fly-fishing to remote haute-cuisine, check this place out for your next destination!


After years of being avoided by travelers, due to financial disaster and a disconcerted population, Greece is making a comeback. Last year travel went up rapidly, due in part to the sheer price difference when compared to other Mediterranean destinations. This year, with its finances predicted to be in better shape, Greece is expecting to welcome even more travellers. You’ll find exceptional value for your dollar, amazing vistas, delicious and exotic local cuisine, friendly and hospitable hosts and beautiful blue oceans.


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