Summer Festivities & Fun in Montreal’s Gay Village

June 09, 2015

The Village in a Nutshell

Known as “The Village,” Montreal’s gay village is a mix mainly of LGBT, straight and gay families, students and professionals. While it is predominately centered on alternative lifestyle, it is also a very welcoming and inclusive part of the city. Most people are very friendly and helpful, with the neighborhood being relatively safe, although there are some areas that have a bit of red-light activity. One thing that stands out about the village is its urban-friendliness. From car-free zones, sidewalk culture and more arts/culture activities than you can count; the village is a great place to visit if you’re staying in Montreal.


Traffic Free Summers! From April 30th to September 7th, 2015. One of the most popular things about The Village is the fact that their main thoroughfare, rue Sainte Catherine Est., gets closed down to traffic for the entire summer (from St. Hubert to Papineau) creating an urban oasis full of shopping, entertainment, activities and people. From our hotels near the gay village you can simply walk down and explore the many attractions. You’ll meet amazingly fun and friendly locals and tourists.

Montreal Sidewalk Sales July 2015. You’ll find more than enough sidewalk sales throughout The Village all summer long. In particular, July has some super sales and fun events happening from the 6th to the 12th.

Outdoor Circus Performances. You’ll find this just outside the Beaudry Metro station on Ste. Catherine, from July 6th to the 11th, at noon till 6:00pm. Hors Piste, a local circus company that specializes in teaching circus to youngsters of all ages, will be performing and hosting their “social circus,’ where they teach the basics to interested participants. Lots of fun! Walk down in a couple minutes from our downtown Montreal hotel room.

Fruixi. Feeling hungry? Want to eat healthy while you’re staying in Montreal? Don’t miss the Fruixi bike! What is it exactly? It’s a mobile fruit/veggie vendor. You can find it selling local produce at Parc de l’Espoir on the weekends. Bring your finds back to our Montreal hotels with kitchenettes and whip up some magic!

Lez Spread The Word. Feel like taking in a movie? Lesbian movie nights in the Parc l’Espoir happen all summer long. Admission is free; the schedule is here. You can walk across from our hotel near the gay village in about 3 minutes.  

Mtl en Arts' Event. From July 1st to the 5th, The Village transforms into a huge open-air gallery of more than 170 artists. You’ll get to browse through a wide selection of new, student and professional artists; plus there are plenty of performances, exceptional food and dining to be enjoyed as well.

Chillin’ on the Terrasse. You can bet your boots if there’s a restaurant, there’s likely a terrasse. It’s hard to beat sitting outside sipping a cocktail in the heat of a summer evening. A couple of our favorites are Le Saloon and Lallouz.


To check out more events planned in The Village this summer, take a look at the UnMondeUnVillage website.



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