Our Favorite Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Montreal

December 04, 2015

Exploring Montreal with Kids

Traveling with children is a unique experience. Their curiosity and wonder open up unexpected discoveries and adventures. Because of their innocent view on life, they often appreciate the simple and overlooked details of a new place with great enthusiasm. That fact alone makes travelling with kids very rewarding. You just never know what your children will find when exploring Montreal. A great way to start your adventure is to look for budget hotels Montreal. You can save some cash on your room without sacrificing quality when you book one of our hotels near downtown Montreal.

Kid-Friendly Mealtimes

Another fun part of traveling with your kids is getting to try new types of food. But what do you do about kids who fuss at mealtimes? For young children or picky eaters, you can often avoid conflict over mealtimes by choosing a place to eat together, paring down the snacks during the day, and eating before your kids are way overtired or in the meltdown zone. You know your family best, so make whatever adjustments necessary to set up your mealtimes for success. If it means heading back to your hotel for a nap, then do it!

Montreal’s Kid-Friendly Restaurants

From culturally inspired dishes to down-home cooking, Montreal is full of fun and kid friendly places to eat. Making a bit of a meal plan or schedule is a great way to keep your family and your budget on track during your outings. It doesn’t have to be extremely detailed, but try to loosely figure out a few dining options for the area you plan to be in. Take a look through their menus online, or at the door so you know what the expense will be ahead of time. Once you’ve identified your options, let the day unfold as you go.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Chez Cora

For lunches and breakfasts, this place is amazing. Your kids will love it too because they always have menu items geared for various ages. From their extravagant presentations, healthy helpings of fruit, plenty of waffles and crepes plus delicious specials; you can’t go wrong here!

Cabaret du Roy

Who doesn’t love a little pirate action? Take your crew over to Cabaret du Roy for a fun and entertaining meal full of singing, laughing and great food. This restaurant has a lovely New France décor with plenty of great menu items to choose from.

Robin des Bois 

Want a fun place to eat that has great values? This non-profit restaurant funds local charities through their market-fresh fare. Plus there’s plenty of room for rambunctious kids to play, colour or move around a little. You can even tour the kitchen, which is an experience in itself for the kids.

Need a little more money for your dining budget? No worries! Take the time to find and book cheap accommodation Montreal before you arrive in the city. There are many excellent budget hotels Montreal to choose from, with our hotels central to many of the attractive places you’ll want to explore. Plus, you can access the Montreal metro system in a few short steps from our front door. Give us a call today and save on booking you Montreal hotel room.



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