Montreal’s Best Kept Secrets—Discover Our Amazing Spa Scene

June 25, 2014

Montreal’s Amazing Spa Scene

If you’re just visiting, you’ll be happy to know that along with affordable accommodation in Montreal; we have many spas located within the city. Offering an array of services, Montreal’s spas are famous for their high-end quality and top-notch technicians. You literally can find every type of spa treatment, right here in beautiful Montreal! If you’d like to book a session at a spa near you, try this spa-finding tool on the Spa Montreal website. Simply choose your location, and the website will pull up the listings for spas in your area. Not sure if spas are your thing? Read on to discover more about spas:

Stressed out? Back Pain?

People visit spas for a variety of reasons. Stress, over-working, injury and health issues are just a few. A little luxury and pampering are also great reasons to book a session at your favorite spa. Plus, the benefits of a good spa treatment reach far past simply dealing with physical problems. Relaxation, re-alignment and rest are three things that a good spa session can improve. Suffer from depression or anxiety? Those can also be dramatically improved by relaxation and tension relieving treatments such as massage, facials and the likes.

A Spa for Every Taste

You can find great spas in just about any place you’d imagine! Resorts, cruise ships, cities, hotels and medical centers all play host to spas. There’s also a huge variety when it comes to the types of spas you can choose from; and many offer similar or overlapping services. For instance, you may find the same types of massage or water therapies in two or three different types of spas. Some spas, such as medical spas, offer focused and detailed regimes and services (like Botox or laser re-surfacing) overseen by a medical doctor. Medical spas are also used to treat a variety of medical needs in addition to aesthetic reasons. To give you an idea of the types of spas out there, take a look at this list:

Culturally-inspired–Thai, Scandinavian etc.
Relaxation spas–all about relaxation and de-stressing.
Traditional spas–think massages and other well-known treatments.
Resort and cruise ship spas–wide variety of fitness and relaxation treatments.
Destination spas–places you go to get healthy, usually requires staying longer-term.
Luxury/pampering spas–purely for getting pampered and beautified.
Mineral spas–treatments using mineral waters and compounds.
Thermal spas–heat-based treatments.
Ayurvedic spas–think all-natural products and treatments.
Medical spas–overseen by a medical doctor, both for medical and aesthetic treatments.

How to Find a Quality Spa

There are a few little tips to help you discover a quality spa. First off, a quality spa will only provide treatments in a safe, sanitary and effective manner. They will also treat clients with confidentiality, dignity and professionalism. If you hear chit-chat about other clients or are treated in a less than friendly manner, you may want to consider a different spa. A great spa will also continually be upgrading it’s facilities, services and practices, as well as investing in the training and expertise of it’s technicians.

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