Montreal–North American City of Design

August 31, 2015

A designers paradise

Long known for liberal and cultural flair, it’s no surprise the level of design you’ll find in our city. Across the broad scope of design you’ll find numerous communities and people who are not only involved in design, but who are also highly passionate about it. Many designers choose to live and work in Montreal, at least part of the year, to tap into these communities and the inspiration that is so palpable in our city. If you’re an aspiring designer, or well established, there are many great options for extended stay suites in Montreal that make a visit to our city very affordable and simple to stay in.

Official recognition gets the ball rolling

In step with its flair for design, you might be interested to know that Montreal was also the first city in North America to be awarded the honour of being a UNESCO City of Design, by the Global Alliance for Cultural Diversity in 2006. With this honor Montreal’s effort, enthusiasm, and potential for economic and social development in the field of design is recognized. Being a city where designers involved in all types of design (including interior, industrial, graphic, fashion, landscape or architectural) represent a growing number of our population; Montreal has grown leaps and bounds since first gaining official recognition.

A city by design

Today, you’ll find vibrant communities that revolve and evolve around social and cultural elements, as well as passions, values, and a love of excellent design. From the artistic communities to working class folks; Montrealers do appreciate beauty and sharp design. Here are a few highlights from our local design community to get you linked in to what’s happening:

  • Montreal Gallery of Contemporary Art. 372 Ste-Catherine West. A hub for discovering contemporary design and art. For many people inspiration, education and discovery happen at a visit to this place. Well worth a visit, check out their website to get involved, pitch a project or just arrange a visit. Easy to get to from our extended stay hotels using the Metro system.
  • World Press Photo 2015. 325 rue de la Commune East. Here’s an interesting exhibition that’s only in town for a short while. The World Press Photo exhibition is a travelling tour of prize-winning photos stopping here in Montreal this year. You can find it in the Old Port from August 26th to September 26th 2015.
  • Montreal Museum of the Fine Arts. As a tireless promoter of Quebec’s local talent, we’re proud to announce the arrival of the Museum’s Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit in Paris, France and then on to Munich in September.
  • Gardens of Light at Espace pour la vie. Check out these beautiful and illuminating designs in the Botanical Gardens. Runs from September 4th to November 1st.
  • Pop Montreal Festival. September 16th to 20th. This annual non-profit cultural event champions both emerging and experienced artists from around the globe. Be sure to book an extended stay suite at one of our downtown Montreal hotels in advance.
  • Walking tour of Quartier des Spectacles. Take a walk through one of Montreal’s cultural and design hotspots. Host of many exciting events, the Quartier des Spectacles is well worth exploring. You can join a guided tour or take your own through the park using the map.


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