Getting Around Montreal Without a Car

May 31, 2016

Montreal is a popular and highly rated destination for vacationers from around the world. The growing popularity of Montreal is due to a number of different influences, including exceptional dining experiences that offer access to diverse cuisine, an endless list of attractions and festivals. Additionally, the ability to easily navigate through Montreal without spending an exorbitant amount of money on transportation is another appealing benefit of the city.

  • Subway and Train

    Since 1966, the 68 subway stations serve both the residents and visitors of the city by offering an efficient, effective and affordable transportation option. This easy-to-access transportation system increases the value of the vacation experience, reducing the need to spend money on renting a vehicle. In addition, commuters have the option of riding the railway system as well as discovering the Montreal underground city.
  • Bus

    The Montreal bus system provides a safe and affordable method of travel and offers regular routes to all parts of the Island.
  • Bixi Bikes

    Montreal has a bike sharing service that includes 5 200 bikes which allows the residents and visitors to pick up a bike at one of the 460 locations in the city. The user also as the option of returning the bike at the original station or any other station.
  • Teo Taxi Service

    ​Go eco-friendly with the Teo taxi service which is a one-of-a-kind taxi service that features a 100 percent electric fleet. Ego friendly visitors can help reduce the collective carbon footprint. No matter where you are going in Montreal, Teo Taxi will be able to get you there — all at an affordable price.

Access to the public and semi-public transportation means Montreal neighborhoods are easy to navigate by different transportation modalities, without the need to spend money on a car rental. 

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