Experience The Best of Old Montreal on Your Extended Stay

August 19, 2014

Montreal is a great city to be on an extended stay. Whatever the reason: business, family or fun; there’s lots to do in Montreal throughout the year. One of the best places to visit and explore is the old city. Packed with history, architecture, style and great food; Old Montreal is a real gem! We’ve put together a few tips for exploring the old city to make getting out of your downtown hotel suite a breeze.

First Tip: Don’t take your car!

Old Montreal is best experienced on foot or by bike. You simply can’t take in the ambiance and intricate little details rolling past in a vehicle. Plus, with streets closed off to traffic or trying to navigate the narrow cobblestone streets and alleys, you just won’t have a great experience. If you’re staying in a downtown hotel suite or one nearby, take the bus, metro, or walk down to the old city…it’s not very far!

Second: Visit Place d’Armes Square.

As one of our most beautiful and historic squares, this is also one of the best places to take in the view of the Notre-Dame Basilica. From the outside it is an impressive display of architectural style; from the inside it’s an incredible light and sound show of our city’s history.

Third: Head to Pointe-À-Calliére.

Set some time aside for a visit to the Montreal Museum of Archaeology & History. Easy to walk to from Notre-Dame Basilica, the museum boasts some truly amazing exhibits on pirates, Marco Polo, archeology, Montreal’s history and much more.

Fourth: Take a Stroll in the Old City.

From the Old Port Promenade, St. Paul’s St. or one of the many cobblestone alleyways in between, you’ll find all kinds of interesting and unique places to discover. Lined with cafes, terraces, shops and boutiques; if you’re looking for a unique gift or treasure there are many places in the old city to find them.

Fifth: Catch a Carriage Ride.

One of Montreal’s famous horse-drawn carriages will be happy to take you for a cruise through the old city. If you’re looking for a truly unique, romantic, or historic experience this is a great idea! You can usually find them parked along the Place Jacques Cartier or Place d’Armes.

Sixth: Chateau Ramezay Museum.

One of the most visited museums in Montreal, this one will give you a great overview of Montreal’s history as well as a taste of what it was like here during the 18th century (if you were a wealthy governor!). Plan on spending some time here, as there is a lot to see and do as you explore over 500 years of history!

Seventh: Visit the Bonsecours Market.

If you just go to take a look at the building you won’t be disappointed. But you’ll be happy to find all kinds of boutiques and happenings there too. Afterwards, make sure you take some photos of the beautiful Notre-Dame-de-Bonsecours Chapel.

If you want to do a little more research before leaving your downtown hotel suite to find out more detailed information like parking options or travel info, check out the wikitravel website. There’s a lot of great info there that will help you out on your extended stay in Montreal!


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