Discover Something New—Uniquely Montreal Flavours

July 21, 2015

The Best Thing About Traveling

One of the best things about traveling, especially to new places, is all the amazing new food you can taste! Montreal is no different than any other major international destination; food abounds. Here you’ll find everything from fine European cuisine to budget-friendly, yet scrumptious poutine and food trucks. If you’re traveling through, or staying in one of our affordable Montreal hotels, be sure to stop and try some of Montreal’s unique flavours, you’ll love it.

Strangely Unique Lunch & Snack Ideas

In the mood to try something different? Montreal is full of options when it comes to trying something new. We have a few ideas for you. Head on out from your downtown Montreal hotel suite and try one of these tasty lunch and snack ideas:

  1. Biiru Bistro Izakaya. 1433 rue City Councilors in downtown Montreal. Try the Suika Sarada, which is made of salmon sashimi, watermelon, ponzu, fried ramen & jalapeño…so good!
  2. BeaverTail Poutine. 4300 Rue Sainte-Catherine E. What on earth? Taste this for a tweek on the taste buds! Once you’ve tried regular Beavertails, try topping one with poutine.
  3. Teque Teque Boulangerie Café. 6583 Blvd. Saint Laurent. Try out their Venezuelan fried bread and cheese stick for a delicious new flavour.
  4. Dirty Dogs. 25 Mont Royal Ave. E. Try out the “Mac & Cheese dog.” Kids will love this, who can resist hot dogs crossed with mac & cheese?

Delectably Refreshing Ideas

Melting down in the summer sun? Don’t worry; Montreal has wonderful ways to refresh yourself, anytime of the year. You can even take some back to your downtown Montreal hotel to keep the refreshing experience going on longer.

  1. Popsicles in St-HenriPops Arts specializes in healthy snacks. They also specialize in surprisingly gourmet popsicle flavours and ideas. Well worth checking out, you’ll find an assortment of very appealing treats to choose from. Located at 291 Beaudoin.
  2. Ice Cream at Le Bilboquet. From ice cream, sorbets to desserts, you’ll find craftsman quality ice cream in an array of mouth-watering flavours. Locations throughout Montreal, including 1600 Laurier E., 4864 rue Sherbrooke W. and 1311 Bernard Ave. W.
  3. Frozen yogurt at Vachement bon. 366 Sherbrooke E. One of the best places in the city for ice cream, gelato and frozen yogurts!
  4. Vegan soft serve ice cream! Vegan Rapide at 6206 Sherbrooke W. If you’re on a vegan meal plan, you’ll want to check out more than just the soft serve. You’ll find a variety of vegan options that taste great.


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