Discover Montreal’s Nightlife—Finding the Right Nightclub for You

June 03, 2014

Something for everyone

Tourists and locals alike come out after nine to experience Montreal’s vibrant nightlife. From the lux and upscale to the 18+ scene, Montreal has something for everyone’s party tastes. If you’re looking for a rave-style dance-to-oblivion sort of gig, you’ll find it here. If you’re all about the ritz, private booths and bottle service you’ll find that too. If you’re looking to brush elbows with NHL hockey players and movie stars, well, you’ll find that here too!

Known throughout the world for its nightlife, Montreal has two main clubbing districts. One is the St-Laurent Blvd. district, located in the east and the other is St. Catherine and Crescent Street in the west-end of the downtown district. Keep in mind that there are a lot of clubs located all across the city, so be sure to look for something close to where you’re located. If you’re not sure, ask the locals, they’ll quickly point you in the right direction! Take a look at our top Montreal night clubs and find a party that fits your style:

New City Gas
905 Rue Ottawa, Montreal
Arguably the number one hotspot in Montreal, New City Gas is a great place to party. Housed in an old factory, boasting amazing light shows and visuals this party will blow your mind. Beautiful people, energy and vibe with a great playlist of the best DJ’s and musical numbers on the scene today. Check it out!

2108 Blvd. Saint-Laurent, Montreal
Blvd 44 is one of the most chic nightclubs in Montreal. Boasting an upscale, luxury atmosphere, if you’re looking for modern sophistication this is your venue. Private booths, VIP tables and bottle service make for an upbeat European-feel party. Make your reservations in advance, get on the list or reserve a private booth through their website.

Stereo Nightclub
858 St. Catherine St. E., Montreal
Established in 1998, Stereo Nightclub has been on the front lines of Montreal’s night-scene for over 15 years. Home to some of the best night-events in the city; this club is all about genuine music, dancing, light shows and energy. Think party–in stereo.

Muzique Nightclub
3781 Blvd. St-Laurent, Montreal
Since opening its doors in 2009, Muzique has gained the reputation as Montreal’s flagship high-end nightclub. Taking luxury parties to a whole new level, this club is often visited by mega-celebrities from all over the world. To find out what’s going on, or to make reservations, check out their website. A true high-class party hot-spot!

Club La Boom
1254 Stanley, Montreal
Four rooms of ambiance and vibe – featuring distinct and unique decor–all with thumping hot music, Club La Boom is a great party destination. Private booths and rooms, bottle service and awesome staff. Check out this club’s website to find out what’s happening each night.

1450 St. Catherine St. E, Montreal
Located in the gay village, this spacious and decadent nightclub is fashionably inspired by the legendary Parthenon in Athens, Greece. Featuring a super-sound system, lighting and giant screens plus attentive and fun-loving staff; you’ll love partying here. One of the newer but more popular places in Montreal.

59 St. Catherine St. E., Montreal
The Metropolis has been many things since it’s beginnings in 1884 as a skating rink. But most of them have been fun! Although it is primarily used as a concert hall, it does occasionally throw a party. It’s worth checking their website to see what’s going on, cause if you can get in, you’ll have a great time!

Keep in mind that these are just a few of the dozens of awesome nightclubs in Montreal. There are many more to explore! Why not stay a few extra nights and take in some more of Montreal’s nightlife? One great way to do just that is by booking yourself some affordable accommodation at a hotel located nearby. That way, you can save your cash for the club and a cab back! Located nearby the downtown core and the gay village, our hotels offer comfortable, clean rooms at great rates, so check them out!

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