Cruising Montreal—Bigger Ships Mean Big Business

September 16, 2014

Cruising is Big Money

Cruise ships bring traffic to cities across the globe like few other things can. With thousands of on-board passengers in vacation mode, having a cruise ship dock in your city’s port is good news for business and traveller alike.  Even if you’re not a cruise ship enthusiast, you’ve got to admit there’s a certain ambience that happens when a ship docks at port and the passengers make their way off. Smiling and ready to explore, passengers on cruise ships are among some of the most likely to spend money in a port city.

Accommodating Cruise Ships

It’s no secret that Montreal is a popular cruise ship stop, but for the larger cruise ships, reaching the port was impossible due to low-lying power cables. Upon request from the Montreal Port Authority, Hydro Quebec is tightening the power cables to a new height of 170 feet late in 2014. That means 2014 is the year for big ships to cruise our city! Before this adjustment, the largest cruise ships to dock in Montreal had about 2,500 passengers maximum. Tightening the power cables allows the city to now accommodate vessels of 3,000 to 4,000 passengers.

Extended Stays in Montreal

After making their way down the St. Lawrence, cruise ships dock at the Iberville Passenger Terminal, located near the beautiful and historic district of Old Montreal. From here, it’s easy to access the Metro system, Downtown, Old City or Port areas. Since some cruise lines dock for several days, passengers will be happy to find many Montreal vacation rentals nearby for a night or more off the ship. For people ending their cruise in Montreal, many book accommodation and spend time in the city before flying home from the airport.

Embark on Adventure from Montreal

With a list of cruise ships coming and going from the Montreal port that regularly cruise the St. Lawrence, North America’s Eastern Coast and many other destinations; Montreal is a perfect place to embark on a cruise. Montreal’s international Pierre Elliott Trudeau airport adds easy access for visitors from anywhere in the world. Many cruisers come a week early and book extended stay hotels so they can explore Montreal before heading out on their cruise.

Booking Tips

When booking a cruise, make sure to check your travel dates and your destination, to avoid any seasonal problems; like bad weather. Another great option is to book your cruise through a reputable travel agent, as they often can help you navigate the wide variety of cruises available. Keep in mind that many cruise line offer deals to fill their cabins, so if you’re flexible on travel dates, look for some last minute deals. And last of all, don’t overlook the local cruises of the St. Lawrence, as you’ll find spectacular whale watching and many other amazing discoveries right here in Quebec.


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