Best Kept Travel Secrets Everyone Needs to Know

September 16, 2015

Secret Travel Tips

Travelers across the globe have one thing in common – their secrets! People who travel frequently for business or lifestyle have discovered many ingenious little tricks to making travel easy and smooth. We’ve gathered some of these tips together in a quick article to make your next trip simple. Read on to discover some of the best kept travel secrets out there.

Airport Terminal Tips

The airport can be a real hassle if you’re not organized or prepared. There’s nothing worse than arriving only to realize you’ve forgot something or you’ve not prepared your luggage properly. If you’ve just landed and are heading off to your downtown Montreal hotel, the last thing you need is a delay. Read these few helpful tips to make your next visit to the airport easier.

  • Scan your documents. Itineraries, passports etc. Scan them with your device in case you lose them, you never know!
  • Buy your airline tickets after 3pm on Tuesdays. Here’s a great way to get the best prices on airline tickets when the larger airlines drop their fares to compete with budget airlines mid-week.
  • Label your bags “Fragile.” This is a good tip to generally ensure your bags get a more careful handling – even if they’re not really fragile. While it’s no guarantee, loading crews are pretty good about handling fragile luggage with more care.
  • Get your cash from ATM’s. If you’ve waited for arrival to exchange your cash to a foreign currency, try using one of the ATM’s instead of the airport currency exchanges. You’ll most likely get much better rates.

Montreal Hotel Tips

Booking in advance is obviously the number one tip we can give you for finding affordable hotels in Montreal. Here’s a few more ways to make your hotel experience better, wherever you are:

  • If you’re after a cheap hotel Montreal, book online using an incognito or private browser, you’ll usually get lower prices on hotels, especially if you frequently use one of the travel booking sites.
  • Charge up your devices with the TV. Many hotels now have TV’s with a USB port on the back. You can, as long as you have your cord, charge many devices using this USB slot.
  • Make friends at the front desk. The concierge is your finger on the pulse of Montreal. If you want suggestions or advice about where to eat or places to avoid; the front desk will know. Our downtown Montreal hotels are staffed with friendly helpful locals who can point you in the right direction.

Luggage Tips

Nothing can be worse than packing your suitcase improperly. Luggage is likely the number one hassle when travelling, especially if it’s not done right. Start by choosing appropriate sizes and styles and keeping in mind airline restrictions.

  • Binder clips make great packing gadgets. Use a regular binder clip to keep your shaving razor in one piece. You can also use these clips for your headphones and many other smaller items that can break or get misplaced.
  • Try using drinking straws to pack single-use packets of lotions, hair care or other body products. Simply squirt your product in the straw, cut, bend and tape ends closed. Sounds silly, but it works!
  • Use tissue paper. For items that wrinkle easily, fold or roll them in tissue paper. It keeps them from wrinkling.
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