Autumn Tours & Road Trips throughout Quebec

September 22, 2015

The Best Time of the Year for Road Trips

Autumn in Quebec is one of the most beautiful times of the year to visit. Temperatures are still warm and enjoyable, there is also a crisp freshness to the air. From the bountiful orchards and vineyards of the Eastern Townships to the flair and bustle of charming Quebec City, our province has much to discover. Not to mention the incredible colours that come with the fall season. Touring by car is a great way to get out and taste some of our true local flavor and as the autumn sets in, apples are in season; along with the delicious produce available at the many vineyards and farms dotting the countryside. Nothing could be more freeing than an autumn road trip through Quebec!

Book an Extended Stay in Montreal

As the international hub of Quebec, Montreal is the perfect jumping-off point for day trips or further travels in the province. With Pierre Elliot Trudeau Airport minutes away from the downtown core, Montreal provides every convenience and accommodation necessary with ease. Choosing and booking your extended stay suite in advance will ensure you have your home base set up and can start your adventures when you’re ready. Making downtown Montreal your starting and ending point also works well in practical terms, since many of our visitors enter the province through the airport here and in turn can fly anywhere in the world from Montreal. That makes it easy to continue on to further destinations, or return home.

Tour Quebec by Car

Remember to book your rental car when you book your hotel room so you avoid any potential shortages or mix-ups when you arrive. So, without further delay, here are a few ideas for some fun and exciting road trips you can take, starting in Montreal.

  • Montreal. Be sure to discover all the different neighborhoods in our city before you head out! Mont-Royal, Downtown, Old Montreal/Port, The Village, Maisonneuve, Côte des Neige are just a few worth driving through and sampling.
  • Richelieu Valley. Not mentioning the incredible heritage of this area, the Richelieu Valley has many lovely towns to discover, along with their various attractions. Chambly, St-Jean, and Ile aux Noix all have interesting points to stop.
  • Eastern Townships. Famous for its charming heritage and beautiful landscape, the Eastern Townships is by far a favorite destination for a road trip. You’ll find more places you want to stop and see than you can possibly do. But it’s so worth the time. You’ll also meet the locals, who are just as friendly and interesting as the land and heritage itself. Try booking a B&B to make one of these charming villages a stopover point. Bromont, Magog, Lac-Brome, Freighlisburg and Sutton are all great stopover points.
  • Quebec City Route. There are many possible routes to take (try an online search for routes or tours in Quebec for detailed itineraries), but you can easily tour the townships and then head north to tour Quebec City. Plan to spend the night there, or nearby to make the most of it, a full day is easily spent touring the Capital City. After you’ve visited the capital, head back to Montreal along the St. Lawrence River routes, there’s amazing stops all along the way. Safe travels!


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