A Foodie’s Paradise—Montreal’s Beloved Food Trucks

June 10, 2014

Paradise For Your Taste Buds

Montreal is amazing – any time of the year! One of the best things about visiting this great city is the food. And the variety and quality of exceptional food. From on-the-fly to fine dining, the gastronomic scene in Montreal is very alive and vibrant. One of Montreal’s most delicious secrets are its food trucks. Take a read to find out more:

Food Trucks Galore!

Yes, the food trucks will be up and running this year! Although there are different regulations in different boroughs, these much debated mobile-restaurants will be open for business this year in various locations. Which is great news for hungry tourists and locals alike. Take a look at this list of some of Montreal’s favorite food trucks:

Landry & Filles
Montreal’s rolling snack bar filled with Mom’s classics and exotic discoveries. A great blend of classic dishes served up with a twist.
Camion au pied de cochon
If you’re into a pulled pork sandwich, look no further! This food truck serves up some of the tastiest ones you’ll find north of Texas.
Lucky’s Truck
Serving up Montrealer’s with local and gourmet dishes, as well as a fun and funky vibe; this truck has a lot more than just luck going for it!
Chaud Dogs
Food trucks without a good hot dog would be a crime. So here’s a truck that makes the most out of those toasty dogs...Serving up gourmet hot dogs with truly divine toppings, these aren’t your typical dogs!
Grumman 78’
Don’t be’s more than mexican! This mexican-inspired food truck serves up tacos that will have you coming back for more.
Nomad S06
For you meat lovers out there, be sure to chase down this truck. Famous for its quality homemade sausages, grilled and topped with amazing accompaniments, this truck is definitely one of the best. Quality and originality galore.
Le Cheese Truck
Need we say more? This food truck shows off some of Quebec’s finest and most delicious cheeses and produce in its simple but tasty dishes.
The creation of Mile-End’s famous and delicious Faberge restaurant, this food truck dishes out some of the best fries and sandwiches you can find in the city. Keep an eye out for their monthly sandwich specials; they change with what’s available locally each season.
Pas d’cochon dans mon salon...
just a whole lot of taste and a whole lot of BBQ! If you’re in the mood for a delish’ salad or charcoal BBQ, this is your ticket.
P.A. & Gargantua
For all you grilled cheese lovers out there, this is your truck! Take a bite out of some of their tasty and original spins on grilled cheese. Mmmmmm...

These are just a small taste of the many food trucks that will hit the streets this year. There are over 30 in total that will be open for business throughout the summer season so be sure to try as many as you can!

Where and When To Find a Food Truck

Not sure where to catch one of these tasty trucks? No problem, we’ve put together some notes on where and when you can find them in the city. Each truck has it’s own operating hours, but most are open extended hours. Basically, the following locations will have food trucks that will be open seven days a week:

  • Place d’Armes–corner of St-Jacques & St-François-Xavier
  • Cité du multimédia–corner of De La Commune & Brennan
  • McCord Museum–corner of Victoria & President-Kennedy
  • Lambert-Closse–south of René-Lévesque
  • Dorchester Square–Metcalfe
  • Phillips Square–Cathcart
  • Dawson College–corner of Atwater & De Maisonneuve
  • Médéric-Martin Park–corner of De Rouen & Du Havre
  • Quartier de la santé–corner of St-Denis & Viger
  • Square Victoria–St-Antoine between Square-Victoria and St-Alexandre
  • Concordia University–Mackay just north of De Maisonneuve

    Also visit:

Special Events

If you’re in the Mont-Royal park near the Sir Georges-Etienne Cartier monument, be sure to watch for food trucks on the weekends only. There will also be food trucks at many Montreal events this year. Here’s a few that are on our radar so far:

  • Bellerive Park–food trucks will be present for some weekends during the La Ronde FIreworks.
  • Place Emilie-Gamelin–starting May 22, on Thursdays
  • Quebec’s National Holiday–Parc Maisonneuve June 24, 2014
  • Old Port Montreal–for Canada Day celebrations, July 1, 2014

Montreal’s food trucks will be out this summer in full force for your taste-bud’s pleasure. And for travelers on a budget, the good news is that most meals are around $10 a plate, so you won’t break the bank. If you are traveling on a budget and you’re looking for a comfortable place to stay, at a great price, take a look at our affordable hotels located close to the downtown and village areas.


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