7 Montreal Museums to Discover

April 21, 2016

The city of Montreal has a very powerful and colorful cultural center, offering a diverse selection of activities and landmarks to visit. One area in which Montreal is extremely wealthy in is its large number of museums. For the individual, couple or family that has an interest in visiting some of the most exceptional museums in the world, getting a suite at Les Suites Labelle in downtown Montreal, will place you in a central location — making it easy to get to the museums of your choice.

Following are seven Montreal museums to discover.

1. Biosphere, Environmental Museum

In a time in which significant environmental issues are being emphasized, the Biosphere Environmental Museum sheds substantial light on the subject. The Museum offers an inside look at green technologies, as well as guided tours and exhibitions

2. Canadian Centre for Architecture

The Canadian Centre for Architecture is considered and avant-garde cultural institution with international significance, having a focus on the role of design and architecture in society as a whole.

3. Cinémathèque Québécoise

If you are a person who enjoys motion pictures and documentaries, the Cinematheque Quebecoise is a museum that honors the audio and visual heritage of quality Canadian films. The works that are highlighted in this museum are from Quebec and other areas throughout Canada.

4. Grande Bibliothèque

The Grande Bibliotheque offers free access to an excess of four million documents and archives that chronicle the exceptional history and culture of Canada. It features a wide array of varied cultural programming.

5. Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

This museum is the most popular art museum in Canada, consistently logging the highest annual attendance out of all of the art museums, throughout Canada. One popular attraction is the museum’s encyclopedia collection, which is comprised of more than 41,000 works dating from antiquity to contemporary times.

6. Pointe-A-Callière, Montreal Archaeology and History Complex

Designed as an historic site, the Pointe-A-Calliere is considered to be the actual birthplace of Montreal. It is an extraordinary museum that is erected on top of an authentic archaeological site.

7. Tohu

Tohu is lauded as the creativity, performance, convergence and experimentation center of Canada. You can visit ‘’Quel cirque’’, a permanent exhibition, or check any of a number of the temporary exhibitions.

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