6 Summer Activities for Families in Montreal

May 19, 2015

The Best of Montreal

Ah…summer in the city comes as a long-awaited reward for the locals and an attraction for visitors. Whether you’re a local or here on a visit, we’ve got a few great ideas for some family-fun in Montreal. Book your hotel room at one of our affordable downtown Montreal hotel suites and you’ll save some money and be in prime location for many of these fun ideas. Our hotels are great for families; they provide quiet nap-friendly suites, optional separate bedrooms and kitchenettes, and helpful staff - all of which makes family travel fun and easy! Here’s some great ideas for family fun this summer:

Bateau-Mouche Cruises

Offering day cruises, night cruises, dinner cruises and special events, including jazz performances and fireworks. This isn’t your ordinary cruise liner though, its unique design of glass allows for awesome panoramic views, light-filled ambiance and moonlit nights. Super for a classy evening as a couple or a fun-filled day cruise for the whole family. There are 60 or 90-minute cruises that will give you an up close and personal look at the St. Laurent Seaway. Booking in advance is recommended, as this is a popular Montreal summer activity.

Visit Montreal’s Family-Friendly Museums

Now, with this amazing deal, you can access 38 Montreal museums for a 3-day period for just $75! You can also buy the Museum pass with Metro access included. That means you can get to the museums from our affordable Montreal hotel suites in just a few short steps. Buy your Montreal Museum Pass online and get access to all of the museums your family will want to visit, including Espace pour la vie.

The Insectarium’s Fireflies Activity

Kids of all ages love bugs! Even those who may feel a bit freaked out by these tiny creatures will love a visit to the Insectarium. What’s even better, there is a great interactive exhibit up this summer called “Fireflies.” Learn all about these amazing creatures in this creative and cool exhibit. Be sure to check out all the beautiful and interesting bugs in the other exhibits as well - don’t miss the butterflies!

Meet the Baby Sloth!

Don’t forget to pop in at the Biodome to spot the baby sloth born this past winter. This little slowpoke can be found cuddling with his Mama in the canopy of the Tropical Rainforest ecosystem.

Old Port Fun

There are plenty of family activities to try in the Old Port. It’s also very easy to get there from our downtown Montreal hotel rooms. The whole family can walk down together for an afternoon on the balmy Clock Tower Beach, ice cream cones and a ride on one of the electric trains. Be sure to give the Quadri-cycles a try too! These four-wheeled bikes can fit your whole family in either a 3 or 6 person model. Little kids love these.

Art in the Sand 2015

Be sure to check out the Art in the Sand at the Clock Tower Quay Beach! With 2015’s exact details yet to be announced, previous years have run June through to the end of July. These aren’t your average sand castles either! You can expect some serious wow factor with these professionally created sand sculptures. Check it out.


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