6 Escape Games You Should Try in Montreal

July 19, 2016

For the individuals that are looking for Montreal activities to experience during their vacation, escape games are a great change of pace. If you are a person who enjoys developing strategies and working out difficult situations, you will absolutely love deciphering codes, and solving puzzles that will ultimately free you from different forms of confinement. These intellect games are an awesome way to challenge family and friends.

Following are some wonderful escape games that you really need to try while in Montreal.

Find the key

This attraction was among the first escape games to open in the Montreal. Find the key offers a unique and authentic experience. Participants can choose from a total of four different scenarios: war zone, crime scene 2, the illusionist and haunted pirate ship. Take on the challenge, and have fun!


This escaped game is inspired by video games, TV shows and movies. Obsidem immerses players into interactive games where they will have to work together in order to decipher and solve several enigmatic issues. You will need to be resourceful!

À la loupe

This attraction contrasts with the typical escape game because it takes place outside, more specifically in Montreal. À la loupe proposes a different way to explore the city. Choose from the two games offered: the Montreal Old Port criminal case and the missing child case. ‘’Awaken the detective in you! And discover the mysteries of Montreal…’’


This game is designed to test your capacity for observation and deductive reasoning. Every single element can be an actual clue. Ezkapaz adjusts the level of complexity based on the group of people who are participating. ‘’3 rooms, 3 adventures, 3 times the fun!’’


Like a real video game, A/MAZE lets you test your skills. From impressive décor to sound and lighting systems, careful attention has been paid to details. Enjoy an unforgettable experience.


Trapped is the largest urban escape game in Eastern Canada. Be one of the 100 000 participants who took part in the game. Your mission: escape! Uncover the mystery and be ingenious.

The escape games offer a unique experience. This is why the popularity of this type of attraction is growing at a rapid rate. Book now, and have fun with your family, friends or with your lover. 

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