5 Vegetarian Restaurants to Discover in Montreal

June 20, 2016

With the rise in health concerns, more and more people are turning to a vegetarian or a vegan diet. For this reason, the affordable hotel Les Suites Labelle, located near Old Montreal, has selected five delicious vegetarian restaurants in the city.

1. Aux Vivres

Aux Vivres has been offering high quality vegan cuisine for nearly 20 years, and has proven its commitment to providing its clientele with healthy and tasty meals. Much of the menu draws its inspiration from Moroccan, Thai and Mediterranean cuisines.

2. Crudessence

For vegans who enjoy raw cuisine, Crudessence is an ideal restaurant to visit while in Montreal. The menu is comprised of all biological, organic living foods that are brought in and prepared fresh out of nature.

3. ChuChai

For the vegans who appreciate the taste and texture of meat, while not actually consuming meat, ChuChai has fooled the best vegan connoisseurs with its fine Thai cuisine including beef, chicken, fish and shrimp made from plant-based products. ChuChai provides a unique ambiance, and is slightly more upscale than most vegan restaurants. Additionally, their cocktail list is nearly as expansive as their exceptional food menu.

4. Invitation V

Invitation V is a bistro-style restaurant that offers an atmosphere that is casual, but trendy, making it a great place for either lunch or dinner. Great care has been invested in ensuring that not only is the food menu absolutely remarkable, but the atmosphere is equally exceptional. Everything from the music to the menu will make you feel welcomed.

5. Resto Végo

This buffet style vegetarian restaurant offers a number of internationally inspired dishes that are destined to tantalize the taste buds of its customers. This restaurant design provides comfort and convenience.

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