5 Spas to Rest Near Montreal

January 29, 2016

Whether you’re looking for a great spot to spend a day with a friend, interested in treating yourself to a day of relaxation, or just need to get away from work for a while, Montreal offers some amazing spa experiences. If you’ve seen all the usual Montreal attractions and want to spend some time focusing on your health and wellness, consider visiting one of these top five spas in the region.


Located just east of Montreal in Bromont, this well-appointed spa offers a luxurious relaxing experience in a beautiful natural setting. Thermal experience, massages, manicures, pedicures, face and body treatments, yoga by the lake, and so much more await you. If you’d prefer to commune with nature, Balnea features over 20 kilometers of hiking trails. After a long day of relaxing, finish off the day with a seasonally-inspired meal at Lumami, their on-site gourmet restaurant.

Strom Spa Nordique

Located on Montreal’s Nuns’ Island, no matter the weather the baths are open for guests to enjoy quiet relaxation and the peaceful atmosphere. All spa’s services, including a variety of different massages and treatments for the face and body, take place in outdoor tents. Check Strom’s calendar for regular events that combine the features of the spa with a convivial atmosphere.

Bota Bota

Situated entirely on a docked deck boat in the Old Port of Montreal, Bota Bota offers its guests a truly urban spa experience. Worrying about the price is no concern since they offer many promotions year round. The onboard restaurant offers healthy meals at reasonable prices and an amazing view of the city. Bota Bota offers regular yoga and pilates classes.

Finlandais Spa & Hotel

If your goal is to make your spa day a full multi-day vacation, Finlandais has over 70 rooms and suites. During the day, take advantage of saunas, Arctic baths, a multi-sensory experience, and much more. After dark, beautiful lighting keeps the baths and waterfalls open.

Scandinave Spa

Scandinave Spa is known for its amazing water therapy treatments that leave guests refreshed. The focus for this spa is on overall health, well-being, and body warming. It’s an incredible and quiet spot located on Montreal Island for those looking to pamper themselves. 

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