5 Of The Best Montreal Coffee Shops For Students

October 07, 2014

From tiny hole-in-the-wall shops to expansive high-end barista wielding cafes, Montreal is a full cup when it comes to coffee. Not just day-old drip brew, but every type of caffeinated beverage! For visitors this is a welcome and comforting thing to discover, especially if you’re a coffee lover (or addict). For students here in Montreal, the vast range of coffee shops doubles as a secondary study hall and a necessary energy boost. If you’d like to discover some of our hidden coffee-based secrets, read on! We’ve put together a small sampling of our local coffee shops worth your visit.

Pikolo Café

Perfect if you’re staying in a downtown Montreal hotel suite, this little café is tucked away right downtown in the McGill area of Montreal. A welcome addition to the coffee scene, this place was established by a true coffee lover who gained her extensive knowledge by working on coffee plantations. You’ll find passionate and caring staff, professional and knowledgeable baristas, and of course, excellent coffee in all shapes and sizes. Free Wi-Fi, tables and chairs, couches and mouthwatering delicacies to pair with your coffee. Head upstairs for your study-cram session or to people watch for a while. Midday is busier, so if you’re coming to work/study, come earlier or later.

Kitsuné Espresso Bar

Another great option for a cup of java. Just outside the downtown area, this coffee shop offers its patrons big welcoming tables, knowledgeable and helpful staff, great coffee from a Nova Scotia roaster, and an indoor bike rack for you cyclists! With the goal of making everyone feel at home, this is a great place to pull up and sink in to your studies. If you’re staying in a nearby Montreal budget hotel, wander into this welcoming café; you won’t be disappointed!


Quality food, crafted drinks. If you want stylish service, artsy ambiance and top-notch coffee, here’s your ticket. With its lounge style atmosphere, this trendy and popular spot is much more than just coffee. Featuring a truly fabulous menu, bar service plus coffee and its accompaniments, this is a perfect place to meet up with friends or fellow students to shoot the breeze or delve into deeper subjects like art or poetry. Also in the downtown Montreal area and a favorite of students. Check out their poetry nights for something new.

La Petite Cuilliere

A cozy café with organic coffee and unique artwork. Located in the Plateau-Mont Royal area, this place will have your appetite begging for a taste. From tartines, homemade goodies to sandwiches and croissants; you’ll want to take something along when you go. Inside you’ll find pillowed reading nooks, free Wi-Fi, a take-one-leave-one bookshelf, and plenty of charm. If you’re looking to do some serious studying, this place is a great option as the staff are relaxed and laid-back. Food comes without a rush or push to leave, so you can really chill out and get into your subject.

Café Aunja

Set amongst Sherbrooke Ouest Street’s art galleries, this cozy little café is a great place to tuck yourself away. A mix of vintage and elegance, you’ll find wooden tables, velvety chairs, and couches to settle into. Choose from their mix and match tea’s, tea specials, coffees, sandwiches or the special au jour. A little pricier than some other options but their quality is well worth the extra money. The atmosphere is also conducive to deep-study, so if reading is what you’d like to do, try doing it here.


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