5 Dairies to Discover Before the End of Summer in Montreal

August 31, 2016

During the summer season, Montreal is full of friendly dairy bars, cool off and have a good time. Those who love ice cream will certainly be pleased. Here are 5 Montreal dairies that are worth visiting.

Chocolat Favoris


The first Chocolate Favorites on the island of Montreal has recently opened. Located in the heart of the entertainment district, a few minutes’ walk from the hotel Le Roberval, this chocolate coating offers 12 different flavors in real chocolate. "Hazelnut fondant", "maple vanilla", "bright orange", choose from the many varieties available.

150 Ste-Catherine Street West, local 276a

Fous Desserts


Fous Desserts is known for its delicious pastries and cakes, but also offers delicious homemade ice cream. Have a taste and enjoy it!

809 Laurier Ave. East

La Diperie


La Diperie reinvents soft ice cream by offering over 20 different toppings. This dairy bar located in Mont Royal is the perfect place to enjoy tasty ice cream on a hot summer day.

68 des Pins Ave. East

Les Givrés


All products at Les Givrés are manufactured locally. In addition, fresh fruit produced locally in Quebec are used. With unique ice cream sandwiches on their menu, you will without a doubt be impressed.

2730 Masson Street and 334 Castelnau Street East



This dairy bar offers various delicacies throughout the year in addition to a wide selection of ice creams and sorbets during the summer. Try sorbet nut organic coconut ice cream with salted caramel!

1517 Fleury Street East

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