5 Beaches Less than One Hour from Montreal Ideal for a Picnic

July 07, 2016

One of the most enjoyable activities during the summer is a picnic, and there are few places better to have a picnic than at the beach. Fortunately, there are a number of beaches that are within one hour of Montreal. This means that you can stay in an affordable Montreal hotel like the hotel Le Roberval, and still have access to beautiful beaches.

Clock Tower Beach

Clock Tower Beach is planted at the base of the Clock Tower, which is the entrance to Old Port. For those who are looking for a more sophisticated place to have a picnic, this beach is ideal. The unique experience is enhanced with fine sand, colorful parasols and chairs.

Jean-Doré Beach

The Jean-Doré Beach, which is also known as the Jean-Drapeau beach, is actually an island with plenty of fun activities. Visitors will not only be able to enjoy the beach, but the entire island, as a whole.

Oka Beach

Oka beach is the perfect location for a picnic if you want to enjoy nature. Also, it offers a large stretch of sand that is replete with plenty of activities to keep visitors busy. This beach is a very popular location, so it is suggested to get there nice and early.

Cap Saint-Jacques Beach

Cap Saint-Jacques Beach offers plenty of activities such as volleyball, nature trails and multiple aquatic activities. Guaranteed fun!


This beach provides the perfect setting, being positioned along the site of the St. Lawrence River rapids. Similarly, the Recre-O-Parc offers exclusive access to a remarkably beautiful strip of nature only a few minutes from Montreal.

This summer, enjoy the sunshine while having a picnic on one of these lovely beaches within an hour's drive from Montreal. Unforgettable memories await you!



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