2015’s Best Montreal Museum Exhibits to Visit Before Winter

November 20, 2015

A Natural Choice for Museums

Happen to be on an extended stay in Montreal? It’s time to get out of your hotel room and uncover some of our local gems. There’s plenty here to explore, including a variety of museums. With our colourful heritage from numerous cultures, Montreal is a natural host for all kinds of exhibitions. From modern to historical, artistic to practical pioneering; we have museums of every nature! Let’s take a look through some of this year’s best museum exhibits, in no particular order:

Fine Arts Museum Montreal

Prepare to spend a good afternoon here if you're an art buff. Composed of several connected buildings, this art museum hosts numerous exhibitions both permanent and temporary. There are also numerous daily workshops for people of all ages, kids too. Two interesting exhibits well worth seeing are:

1920’s Modernism in Montreal, by the Beaver Hall Group. If you’re a Canadian art buff, the Beaver Hall group is quite fascinating, often compared to Toronto’s famous Group of Seven. There are also several lectures happening related to this exhibit, be sure to ask about attending one. Check it out! Museum entrance is temporarily relocated to the Michal and Renata Hornstein Pavilion, 1379 Sherbrooke Street West.

George S. Zimbel Exhibit. Also located at the Fine Arts Museum, this exhibit showcases the work of George S. Zimbel. Through his photography many have caught a glimpse of both the rich and famous and the everyday lives of the people around him. While his work is well known around the world, here in Montreal he is a bit of a secret, so come take a peek!

The Redpath Museum

Step out of your hotel suite Montreal and walk up to the McGill Campus. You’ll find the Redpath Museum. Entrance is by donation and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the variety of fossils and natural history. Locals love this place partly because it’s free, partly because it’s interesting, and partly because it’s near the lively university area. If you’re interested in natural history or if you’re travelling with kids, this is by far one of the best options to visit, located a few steps away from our hotel suites Montreal using the Metro line.

Montreal through the Eyes of Vittorio - The McCord Museum

Come take a look at the works of Italian born artist Vittorio Fiorucci. One of Montreal’s best known visual artists, Vittorio is known for his vibrant colors, imaginative posters and playful designs. Showcasing over 125 photographs, posters, comic strips and illustrations, this exhibit is a treat for your eyes and piece of Montreal history.

Where Montreal Was Born - The Pointe-a-Caliere-Museum

For visitors and locals alike this is a great exhibit that tells the story of our city. There’s plenty of other stuff to look at as well, but be sure to walk through this exhibit and discover the beginnings of our home.

Now that you have a few ideas to check out, head out and enjoy Montreal! When you’re ready to head back to your hotel for some downtime, our hotels are located in a quiet district close to the Metro system and Montreal’s downtown core. Book a room today through our website!

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