2015 Consumer Travel Tips That Save You Money

March 24, 2015

Travel smart and plan ahead

The travel world is full of adventure and discovery. It is also full of things to avoid; like paying twice the price for your downtown Montreal hotel suite, or getting lost in a new city. With so many choices on flights, hotel rooms, destinations, travel gear, travel guides and agents; it’s no wonder people feel overwhelmed when planning their trip. That being said, with a little forethought and planning, it is possible to iron out potential problems before they happen. We’ve put together a few consumer tips for travelers to keep in mind when planning and organizing their next trip.

Take advantage of TripAdvisor and similar sites

While we recommend actually booking your hotel room or downtown hotel suite on the hotel’s website, online sites like TripAdvisor also have forums, reviews and commenting sections that are full of real-time conversations. You will very quickly get a feel for not only the accommodation you’re considering; but also for the area, tips on getting around, recommendations for places to eat or visit… it’s a smorgasbord of quality information by unbiased people. All this inside information is certain to whittle away dollars off your travel expenses.

Get the best price on an affordable Montreal hotel room early

If you wait until arriving at the airport, you’ll have little chance of finding a fantastic deal and you’ll run the risk of finding the inn full. Many downtown Montreal hotel suites will at least match (sometimes beat) the prices you find on websites like Expedia or Travelocity if you book through their website or over the phone. Booking your hotel room early gets you a guaranteed spot at a great price. Keep in mind if you’re coming to Montreal for a festival or event, the downtown Montreal hotels can fill up quickly!

Beware of Mother Nature’s seasonal pranks

Nothing like finding a steal of a deal on a Caribbean cruise right? Well if it’s in the off-season, when storms are whipping through by the hour, you might change your opinion! Be certain to do a little homework and find out about any seasonal considerations beforehand. Even if weather won’t change your travel plans, knowing what you’re getting into will allow you to pack appropriately. Here in Montreal, summers are hot and humid, while winters are cold. Be sure to come prepared with the right clothing and you’ll love your visit.

Ask questions and talk to strangers

Be bold! Ask why, when, where and how as often as you can. Especially during the planning stages while you’re booking flights, affordable accommodation and other travelling details. By being curious and asking questions you’ll find out about a lot of options that you never knew you had. Once you’ve arrived in Montreal don’t be shy, most people here are very friendly and helpful. As for language, French is the official language, but the majority of people also speak English and a variety of other languages. Keep smiling and you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.


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