Cooking Grains Made Simple

Although there are several types of grains, they are not all cooked the same. If you’re looking for how to cook grains and what they go well with, keep reading!

The Ultimate Guide to Using Herbs

In this article, discover the most beloved kinds of fresh herbs in the kitchen!

5 Dairies to Discover Before the End of Summer in Montreal

During the summer season, Montreal is full of friendly dairy bars, cool off and have a good time.

5 Places to Discover the Gay Village of Montreal

During the summer, the gay Village of Montreal counts about 60 different terraces with delicious meals and refreshing drinks. Discover a sexy area.

5 Vegetarian Restaurants to Discover in Montreal

Hotel Les Suites Labelle has selected five delicious vegetarian restaurants in the city.

5 New Montreal Restaurants to Try in 2016

Several Montreal restaurants have recently opened and offer delicious food. Treat yourself!

5 Best Terraces and Rooftops in Montreal

Are you planning a trip to Montreal this summer? Here is a list of some rooftops and terraces offering a beautiful view of the city. You can appreciate a delicious meal while pondering the features that Montreal has to offer.

Montreal's Best Pastry Shops

Melted chocolate, brownies, hot chocolate, cupcakes, macaroons... Many Montreal pastries combine unique interior designs and a gourmet quality to offer you the best possible taste experience. These five pastries will undoubtedly live up to your expectations!

Learn How to Cook in One of the World’s Most Beautiful Cities

Do you love to cook? If so, then taking a formal cooking class is something you’ve undoubtedly dreamt of. One of the best places to learn more about the culinary world is in the beautiful city of Montreal!

Brunch Like You’ve Never Brunched- 8 Top Montreal Locations to Eat A Serious Breakfast

If you're looking for a great mid-day meal after you've just woken up from your leisurely slumber, here are our 8 favorite spots to savor an amazing brunch:

Our Favorite Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Montreal

From culturally inspired dishes to down-home cooking, Montreal is full of fun and kid friendly places to eat.

5 Places to Spark a Flame – Montreal’s Most Romantic Restaurants

Whether you’re looking to relax for the evening or to have an energizing outing, Montreal has it all. Plan the perfect romantic getaway in a matter of minutes.

Touring & Tasting Montreal’s Spectacular Italian Bakeries

The French certainly have their own flair when it comes to pastries. However, if you’re feeling for something sweet and a little more original, Montreal’s Little Italy may be home to your next true love, the sweet taste found solely in an Italian Bakery.

Trendy “Bring Your Own Wine” Dining in Montreal

When compared to other cities, Montreal’s bring your own wine (BYOW) scene is not only affordable, it’s quite popular. Once you have your favourite beer or wine, take a look through these BYOW restaurants.

Why Montreal is the Best International City to Study In

Back to school is just around the corner – for students of all ages. Attracting over 25,000 international students every year, Montreal becomes home to a very diverse pool of students.

Discover Something New—Uniquely Montreal Flavours

One of the best things about traveling, especially to new places, is all the amazing new food you can taste! Montreal is no different than any other major international destination; food abounds.

Montreal’s Summer Secret—Terrasse Culture

Montrealers love their terrasses and it’s part of the culture here – you could say they’re a bit of an institution in the city.

Finding 2015’s Best Montreal Restos & Pubs

Montreal is full of choices when it comes to restos and pubs. Take your pick from the local favourites or one of the up-and-coming pubs.

3 Must-Try Montreal Foods the Locals Love

Just like fine dining, the city is full of great choices for hungry people looking for a snack, or lunch. So how do you take in the best of what Montreal has to offer? Take a quick read through this article and discover some of Montreal’s must-try foods.

3 Traditional 2015 Easter Weekend Activities in Montreal

There’s plenty of warmer weather on its way and lots of spring fun to be had. From Easter egg hunts to sugar shacks; there’s something for everyone Easter weekend 2015 in Montreal.

2015’s Top 5 Valentines Weekend Treats & Getaways

Valentines day in Montreal provides couples ample opportunity to express their feelings for each other in both romantic and not-so-romantic ways. Read on for more great ideas for this Valentines weekend.

Extended Stay Montreal—From Downtown Montreal to the Laurentians

From the Laurentians to the Eastern Townships, staying in a hotel suite Montreal puts them within your reach! If you love nature, skiing, snowboarding, or even tubing, head north of Montreal to the famous Laurentians.

Traveller’s Tips To Save Cash When Dining in Montreal

For travellers, one of the biggest expenses can easily be food. Public markets are a great way to save money and find some delicious and unique foods.

November Ideas For What To Do in the Gay Village

Book a hotel room near gay village and you’ll be within walking distance to many of the gay village’s attractions. Not sure where to start? Read on for a few ideas of what to do!

Experience High Cuisine In Montreal’s Old Port

One of the first things you’ll notice about the Old Port area is the abundance of top-level dining choices. We’ve put together a quick list to get you started.

5 Of The Best Montreal Coffee Shops For Students

From tiny hole-in-the-wall shops to expansive high-end barista wielding cafes, Montreal is a full cup when it comes to coffee. We’ve put together a small sampling of our local coffee shops worth your visit.

Beat the Heat With Montreal’s Best Ice Cream & Gelato Shops

Staying in Montreal this summer? One of Montreal’s favorite ways to beat the summer heat is to head out for some ice-cold ice cream or gelato.

5 New Restaurants to Discover in Montreal

Montreal is truly a divine gastronomic experience. Whether your tastes prefer some comforting down home cooking or fine cuisine, this city won’t disappoint you!

A Foodie’s Paradise—Montreal’s Beloved Food Trucks

From on-the-fly to fine dining, the gastronomic scene in Montreal is very alive and vibrant. One of Montreal’s most delicious secrets are its food trucks. Take a read to find out more.

Quick-Weekend-Getaway-Guide to Montreal

So why not plan a quick weekend jaunt to this inviting worldwide destination? Read our quick weekend-getaway-guide for Montreal to find out how.
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