6 Escape Games You Should Try in Montreal

For the individuals that are looking for Montreal activities to experience during their vacation, escape games are a great change of pace.

Awesome Activities to Enjoy During Your Stay in the Old Port of Montreal

The city of Montreal has become a touristic destination. Following are some entertaining activities to enjoy while in Montreal.

5 Beaches Less than One Hour from Montreal Ideal for a Picnic

One of the most enjoyable activities during the summer is a picnic, and there are few places better to have a picnic than at the beach.

Water Parks that Are Worth the Road Trip from Montreal

Put on your swimsuit, apply sunscreen and enjoy a warm sunny day in one of these water parks close to Montreal! It’s summer fun time!

5 Summer Activities Near Montreal

A trip to Greater Montreal in the summer means that you’re able to explore Montreal’s activities in a warmer environment. Have you been planning on visiting Montreal during the summer? Here are five family activities close to Montreal.

5 Spas to Rest Near Montreal

Whether you’re looking for a great spot to spend a day with a friend, interested in treating yourself to a day of relaxation, or just need to get away from work for a while, Montreal offers some amazing spa experiences. If you’ve seen all the usual Montreal attractions and want to spend some time focusing on your health and wellness, consider visiting one of these top five spas in the region.

7 Awesome Activities to Do in Montreal During Winter 2016

Winter has officially arrived in Montreal; snow has fallen and the beautiful landscapes are covered until May. This does not mean there isn’t a lot of exciting activities to do!

5 Of Montreal’s Best Home Décor Boutiques

From stylish and upscale trends to the tried and true staples, Montreal has plenty to offer those searching for those little touches that make your house a home.

Our Favorite Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Montreal

From culturally inspired dishes to down-home cooking, Montreal is full of fun and kid friendly places to eat.

5 Places to Spark a Flame – Montreal’s Most Romantic Restaurants

Whether you’re looking to relax for the evening or to have an energizing outing, Montreal has it all. Plan the perfect romantic getaway in a matter of minutes.

2015’s Best Montreal Museum Exhibits to Visit Before Winter

Happen to be on an extended stay in Montreal? It’s time to get out of your hotel room and uncover some of our local gems. There’s plenty here to explore, including a variety of museums.

Touring & Tasting Montreal’s Spectacular Italian Bakeries

The French certainly have their own flair when it comes to pastries. However, if you’re feeling for something sweet and a little more original, Montreal’s Little Italy may be home to your next true love, the sweet taste found solely in an Italian Bakery.

2015 Montreal Halloween Activities for Adults

Think Halloween is just for the kids? No way. Think beyond the hordes of zombie trick-or-treaters, all the cheap candies and ghastly décor.

What to Do this October & November in Montreal

Not only do we have many visitors coming to enjoy the beauty of our most colourful season, it’s also a time of year where there are many festivals and pre-winter events.

Montreal–North American City of Design

Long known for liberal and cultural flair, it’s no surprise the level of design you’ll find in our city. In step with its flair for design, you might be interested to know that Montreal was also the first city in North America to be awarded.

Take a Tour of Montreal’s Top Religious Destinations

Religious tourism is as old as humankind. To some of our local religious sites we’ve put together a little tour here to give you a taste.

2015 Summer Weekends in Montreal – Spas, Sport and Shopping

What could be more fun than spas, shopping and sports? Why pick when you can do all three! From some pampering and relaxation to excitement and cheering, we’ve put together a quick-list.

6 Summer Activities for Families in Montreal

Ah…summer in the city comes as a long-awaited reward for the locals and an attraction for visitors. Whether you’re a local or here on a visit, we’ve got a few great ideas for some family-fun in Montreal.

Finding 2015’s Best Montreal Restos & Pubs

Montreal is full of choices when it comes to restos and pubs. Take your pick from the local favourites or one of the up-and-coming pubs.

6 Reasons to Visit Montreal on Memorial Day Long Weekend

As one of the most popular American weekends for taking a little getaway, the Memorial Day long-weekend is your perfect chance to visit Montreal.

5 Spring 2015 Sports Events in Montreal You Won’t Want to Miss

Sports are a big deal here in Montreal. Some of the upcoming sports events (ordered by date) to watch for!

Exploring Montreal’s Vibrant Gay Village

One of Montreal’s most vibrant neighbourhoods, the Gay Village has it’s own flair and attractions. Don’t think you have to be gay to hang out here though; it is one of the most friendly and inclusive parts of Montreal, everyone is welcomed.

2015 Ontario & New England Spring Break in Montreal

Spring break is nearly here! For our neighbours from Ontario and New England, spring break comes at a time when there are still plenty of fun activities to enjoy in Quebec.

4 Sexy Montreal Dance Clubs for Singles in 2015

Dance club, pubs, bars and more exotic establishments abound here in Montreal. You’ll be certain to find a club or meeting place that fits your character and those of like mind.

2015’s Top 5 Valentines Weekend Treats & Getaways

Valentines day in Montreal provides couples ample opportunity to express their feelings for each other in both romantic and not-so-romantic ways. Read on for more great ideas for this Valentines weekend.

Extended Stay Montreal—From Downtown Montreal to the Laurentians

From the Laurentians to the Eastern Townships, staying in a hotel suite Montreal puts them within your reach! If you love nature, skiing, snowboarding, or even tubing, head north of Montreal to the famous Laurentians.

Top December 2014 Holiday Events In Montreal

Well it’s official; we’re in holiday season! There are plenty of things to check out during your free time. If you’re here to visit family, why not head out together for some memorable activities?

What to do in December—Montreal Festive Fun

While Christmas may be the overriding theme this month, there are a lot of other great things to do Montreal. We’ve put together a few fun ideas if you’re visiting us this month.

Early Christmas Shopping Ideas In Montreal

For those visiting Montreal, you’ll be happy to discover our numerous shopping options, if you haven’t done so already.

Traveller’s Tips To Save Cash When Dining in Montreal

For travellers, one of the biggest expenses can easily be food. Public markets are a great way to save money and find some delicious and unique foods.

Things To Do On a Rainy Day—Discover Montreal’s Underground City

There are approximately 33 kilometers of passageways both below and above ground. These pedestrian-oriented walkways let you access all kinds of great shopping and entertainment options.

October Attractions & Events in Montreal

October is a beautiful month to visit Montreal. Toted as one of the best times of the year to visit Montreal, September through November provides more moderate weather and great rates. We’ve put together a few off-the-beaten-track ideas and activities for families and singles visiting Montreal.

Best Places to View The Fall Colours From Montreal

If you’re considering visiting Quebec to see the leaves turn this autumn, Montreal is the perfect city to make home base.

Cruising Montreal—Bigger Ships Mean Big Business

Cruise ships bring traffic to cities across the globe like few other things can. With thousands of on-board passengers in vacation mode, having a cruise ship dock in your city’s port is good news for business and traveller alike.

September Arts & Culture in Montreal

September is a pleasant time to visit Montreal. There are also many art & culture activities to take in this month. Take a read to find out more.

Experience The Best of Old Montreal on Your Extended Stay

One of the best places to visit and explore is the old city. Packed with history, architecture, style and great food; Old Montreal is a real gem!

5 New Restaurants to Discover in Montreal

Montreal is truly a divine gastronomic experience. Whether your tastes prefer some comforting down home cooking or fine cuisine, this city won’t disappoint you!

2014 Hot Summer Sporting Events in Montreal

For all your sports fans out there, Montreal has lots to offer! Whether you watch your favorite sport live or head to one of our exciting local sports bars.

Discovering Downtown Montreal’s Parks & Squares

Scattered across the entire island of Montreal and its surrounding areas, numerous parks dot the map. Each is unique and has its own distinct flavor and character.

Montreal’s Best Kept Secrets—Discover Our Amazing Spa Scene

If you’re just visiting, you’ll be happy to know that along with affordable accommodation in Montreal; we have many spas located within the city.

Summer Activities for Children in Montreal

Looking for something geared to your younger family members? Summer in Montreal will not disappoint. From parks to special events, there are more activities going on.

Discover Montreal’s Nightlife—Finding the Right Nightclub for You

Tourists and locals alike come out after nine to experience Montreal’s vibrant nightlife. From the lux and upscale to the 18+ scene, Montreal has something for everyone’s party tastes.

Quick-Weekend-Getaway-Guide to Montreal

So why not plan a quick weekend jaunt to this inviting worldwide destination? Read our quick weekend-getaway-guide for Montreal to find out how.

Arts and Culture in Montreal—What to See and Do

Montreal is waking up for summer! Although winter can be long, there is never a shortage in our city when it comes to arts and culture.

The Best of Summer 2014 in Montreal

Often called Canada’s New York, Montreal has something to offer everyone. And summer in the city is one of the best times to experience all that Montreal has to offer.
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