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7 Montreal Museums to Discover

The city of Montreal has a very powerful and colorful cultural center. One area in which Montreal is extremely wealthy in is its large number of museums.

5 Of Montreal’s Best Home Décor Boutiques

From stylish and upscale trends to the tried and true staples, Montreal has plenty to offer those searching for those little touches that make your house a home.

5 Places to Spark a Flame – Montreal’s Most Romantic Restaurants

Whether you’re looking to relax for the evening or to have an energizing outing, Montreal has it all. Plan the perfect romantic getaway in a matter of minutes.

2015’s Best Montreal Museum Exhibits to Visit Before Winter

Happen to be on an extended stay in Montreal? It’s time to get out of your hotel room and uncover some of our local gems. There’s plenty here to explore, including a variety of museums.

2015 Montreal Halloween Activities for Adults

Think Halloween is just for the kids? No way. Think beyond the hordes of zombie trick-or-treaters, all the cheap candies and ghastly décor.

What to Do this October & November in Montreal

Not only do we have many visitors coming to enjoy the beauty of our most colourful season, it’s also a time of year where there are many festivals and pre-winter events.

2015 Tourism Industry Explodes In Montreal

There are many factors that come into play when we look at tourism, including local and global economies fluctuating and other world events. With the Canadian dollar being on the low side, many countries can visit us economically.

Montreal–North American City of Design

Long known for liberal and cultural flair, it’s no surprise the level of design you’ll find in our city. In step with its flair for design, you might be interested to know that Montreal was also the first city in North America to be awarded.

Take a Tour of Montreal’s Top Religious Destinations

Religious tourism is as old as humankind. To some of our local religious sites we’ve put together a little tour here to give you a taste.

2015 Montreal Design & Fashion Festival

Fashion and design of all kinds is one of Montreal’s specialties. With a knack for producing creative minds and spaces, Montreal is full of aspiring designers and fashion-industry related business.

Why Montreal is the Best International City to Study In

Back to school is just around the corner – for students of all ages. Attracting over 25,000 international students every year, Montreal becomes home to a very diverse pool of students.

August & September 2015 Montreal Sporting Events

Interested in something a little different? From the slightly uncommon to sports like running or biking, Montreal has some fantastic events coming up this next month.

3 Tips for Enjoying Montreal’s Summer Festivals

Summer is here! That means there is no shortage of festivals and outdoor activities to choose from. If you’re here visiting, be sure to make some time to take in one or more of the great festivals and events that take place during August.

Montreal’s Summer Secret—Terrasse Culture

Montrealers love their terrasses and it’s part of the culture here – you could say they’re a bit of an institution in the city.

Summer Festivities & Fun in Montreal’s Gay Village

Known as “The Village,” Montreal’s gay village is a mix mainly of LGBT, straight and gay families, students and professionals. The village is a great place to visit if you’re staying in Montreal.

Montreal’s 2015 Summer Festival Season Begins

Montreal has the reputation of being the festival capital of North America – and for good reason. Some of the biggest and most famous festivals run that month; festivals like the Jazz Fest or Osheaga and the insanely funny Just for Laughs.

The Month of June in Montreal – Events for Everyone

Everything is in bloom, warm weather is here to stay and festivals are in full swing! From the downtown core to outlying boroughs, Montreal has something for every taste this month.

6 Summer Activities for Families in Montreal

Ah…summer in the city comes as a long-awaited reward for the locals and an attraction for visitors. Whether you’re a local or here on a visit, we’ve got a few great ideas for some family-fun in Montreal.

Finding 2015’s Best Montreal Restos & Pubs

Montreal is full of choices when it comes to restos and pubs. Take your pick from the local favourites or one of the up-and-coming pubs.

6 Reasons to Visit Montreal on Memorial Day Long Weekend

As one of the most popular American weekends for taking a little getaway, the Memorial Day long-weekend is your perfect chance to visit Montreal.

Why Students Love Studying in Montreal

Montreal is an excellent city for students – for many reasons.From downtown to the Plateau, you’ll find a variety of shops, restos, pubs and cafes that cater directly to students. If you’re considering studying in Montreal, read on to find out a few of the top reasons to come here.

3 Must-Try Montreal Foods the Locals Love

Just like fine dining, the city is full of great choices for hungry people looking for a snack, or lunch. So how do you take in the best of what Montreal has to offer? Take a quick read through this article and discover some of Montreal’s must-try foods.

2015 Consumer Travel Tips That Save You Money

The travel world is full of adventure and discovery. It is also full of things to avoid; like paying twice the price for your downtown Montreal hotel suite, or getting lost in a new city.

5 Stress-Free Business Travel Tips For Montreal

While your friends think you’re out jet setting the truth is that business travel really is just more business. We’ve put together a few tips to make the most of your business trips in Montreal.

3 Traditional 2015 Easter Weekend Activities in Montreal

There’s plenty of warmer weather on its way and lots of spring fun to be had. From Easter egg hunts to sugar shacks; there’s something for everyone Easter weekend 2015 in Montreal.

Exploring Montreal’s Vibrant Gay Village

One of Montreal’s most vibrant neighbourhoods, the Gay Village has it’s own flair and attractions. Don’t think you have to be gay to hang out here though; it is one of the most friendly and inclusive parts of Montreal, everyone is welcomed.

Major Montreal Fairs and Events in March & April 2015

It’s no secret that the month of March is full of unexpected surprises, weather and climate included. The month of April can be equally surprising. But some of those surprises are quite pleasant – just take a look at the variety of upcoming fairs and events you can take part.

2015’s Top 5 Valentines Weekend Treats & Getaways

Valentines day in Montreal provides couples ample opportunity to express their feelings for each other in both romantic and not-so-romantic ways. Read on for more great ideas for this Valentines weekend.

6 Fantastic February Activities to try in Montreal

From winter festivals to fun cold-weather activities, there are all kinds of things to check out on your extended stay in Montreal. Be sure to have warm clothing and footwear!

Top 5 Travel Destinations for 2015

We’ve put together our top five choices for travelling in 2015. Take a read and plan your next adventure!

Surviving Snowy Montreal—Tips on Making it Through Winter

For many people, winter is one of the best times of the year, especially if you’re here to take in some winter activities. Montreal is the perfect hub for snowy, wintry fun! Here is an article full of little tips to make your stay in Montreal all the more pleasant and safe.

Top December 2014 Holiday Events In Montreal

Well it’s official; we’re in holiday season! There are plenty of things to check out during your free time. If you’re here to visit family, why not head out together for some memorable activities?

What to do in December—Montreal Festive Fun

While Christmas may be the overriding theme this month, there are a lot of other great things to do Montreal. We’ve put together a few fun ideas if you’re visiting us this month.

November Ideas For What To Do in the Gay Village

Book a hotel room near gay village and you’ll be within walking distance to many of the gay village’s attractions. Not sure where to start? Read on for a few ideas of what to do!

Experience High Cuisine In Montreal’s Old Port

One of the first things you’ll notice about the Old Port area is the abundance of top-level dining choices. We’ve put together a quick list to get you started.

Things To Do On a Rainy Day—Discover Montreal’s Underground City

There are approximately 33 kilometers of passageways both below and above ground. These pedestrian-oriented walkways let you access all kinds of great shopping and entertainment options.

5 Tips For Travelling Solo—How To Stay Safe In Montreal

Travelling solo requires a few things to make it safe and enjoyable. We’ll set down a few guidelines in this article for travelling solo safely. As far as Montreal goes, you’ll find it to be a very open and welcoming city, to all types of travelers.

5 Of The Best Montreal Coffee Shops For Students

From tiny hole-in-the-wall shops to expansive high-end barista wielding cafes, Montreal is a full cup when it comes to coffee. We’ve put together a small sampling of our local coffee shops worth your visit.

September Arts & Culture in Montreal

September is a pleasant time to visit Montreal. There are also many art & culture activities to take in this month. Take a read to find out more.

Things to Do in Montreal: 2014 Marathons & Half Marathons

If you like to run, you’ll be happy to hear there are a lot of opportunities here. Check out Montreal’s marathons and half marathons.

Things to do in Montreal—Montreal’s Pride Festival 2014

Located near the Village, our extended stay hotels are a perfect choice if you’re visiting for any of the events taking place during the Montreal Pride Festival.

4 Exciting Things To Do On Weekends in Montreal—July 18-20 & July 25-27

So what’s going in the next few weekends in Montreal? We’re glad you asked, because there is so much happening you’ll want to stay longer to take it all in.

2014 Hot Summer Sporting Events in Montreal

For all your sports fans out there, Montreal has lots to offer! Whether you watch your favorite sport live or head to one of our exciting local sports bars.

Discovering Downtown Montreal’s Parks & Squares

Scattered across the entire island of Montreal and its surrounding areas, numerous parks dot the map. Each is unique and has its own distinct flavor and character.

Montreal’s Best Kept Secrets—Discover Our Amazing Spa Scene

If you’re just visiting, you’ll be happy to know that along with affordable accommodation in Montreal; we have many spas located within the city.

Summer Activities for Children in Montreal

Looking for something geared to your younger family members? Summer in Montreal will not disappoint. From parks to special events, there are more activities going on.

A Foodie’s Paradise—Montreal’s Beloved Food Trucks

From on-the-fly to fine dining, the gastronomic scene in Montreal is very alive and vibrant. One of Montreal’s most delicious secrets are its food trucks. Take a read to find out more.

Discover Montreal’s Nightlife—Finding the Right Nightclub for You

Tourists and locals alike come out after nine to experience Montreal’s vibrant nightlife. From the lux and upscale to the 18+ scene, Montreal has something for everyone’s party tastes.

Arts and Culture in Montreal—What to See and Do

Montreal is waking up for summer! Although winter can be long, there is never a shortage in our city when it comes to arts and culture.

The Best of Summer 2014 in Montreal

Often called Canada’s New York, Montreal has something to offer everyone. And summer in the city is one of the best times to experience all that Montreal has to offer.
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